Luneta Swarovski DS 5-25X52 P

Luneta Swarovski DS 5-25X52 P

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  • Producator: Swarovski


Length (in / mm)15.87 / 403
Weight (oz / g)38.4 / 1090
Central tube diameter (mm)40
Functional temperature+14 ?F to +131 ?F (-10 ?C / +55 ?C)
Storage temperature-22 ?F to +158 ?F (-30 ?C / +70 ?C)
Submersion tightness13 ft / 4 m water depth (inert gas filling)
Illumination unit
Brightness levels64
Operating time500x
DisplayLCoS monochrome
Measurement range (yds/m)33-1500/30-1375
Measurement precision (yds/m) +/-1/1
Angle measurement (degrees) +/-60
Max. aiming point correction (yds/m)1120/1024
Add-on program (App)dS Configurator
Operating systemiOS from Version 8.1, Android from Version 4.4 KitKat